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Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone Teacher Website
Administrative & Office Staff
Wright, Stephany Principal 253-571-7603  
Kerr, Lora Office Coordinator 253-571-7602  
Tomazin, Wendy Office Secretary 253-571-7601  
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Bott, Michelle LAP 253-571-7650  
Byrd, Rebecca Counselor 253-571-7611 Sway Website
Callender, Molly SAIL 253-571-7657 Sway Website
Day, Michael Education Support Professional 253-571-7608  
Doney, Janine 2nd Grade 253-571-7629 Sway Website
Fields, Emily 2nd Grade 253-571-7627 Sway Website
Gallagher, Mary Lu 1st Grade 253-571-7613 Sway Website
Hasenauer, Danielle 4th/5th Grade 253-571-7651 Sway Website
Hathorn, Doria 3rd Grade 253-571-7625 Sway Website
Hautala, Jana 1st Grade 253-571-7614 Sway Website
Heckman, KayDee 1st Grade 253-571-7612 Sway Website
Wright, Stephany Principal 253-571-7603  
Jackson, Anne 2nd Grade 253-571-7624 Sway Website
Jensen, Elizabeth Kindergarten 253-571-7617 Sway Website
Kerr, Lora Office Coordinator 253-571-7602  
Ellingsen, Selena Nurse 253-571-7620  
Kingston, Steve PE Teacher skingst@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-2900  
Kinnee, Grant P.T. 253-571-7638  
Larson, Beco 3rd Grade 253-571-7626 Sway Website
Liebl, Kerry 5th Grade 253-571-7658 Sway Website
McGrath, Jason School Support 253-571-7620  
Morris, Michelle 4th Grade 253-571-7652 Sway Website
Rottle, Jamie Music 253-571-7607  
O'Neill, Missy O.T. 253-571-7638  
Berry, Holly Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) 253-571-7639  
Rossetto, Jenny 2nd Grade 253-571-7628 Sway Website
Schimon, Chelsea Kindergarten 253-571-7615  
Scott, Amy 4th Grade 253-571-7653 Sway Website
Tomazin, Wendy Office Secretary 253-571-7601  
White, Cathy Librarian 253-571-7623 Sway Website
Wimbles, Amanda Kindergarten 253-571-7616 Sway Website
Walker, Maranda Kindergarten 253-571-7643  
Larson, Holly  2nd Grade 253-571-7650  
Wolber, Karey Instructional Coach 253-571-7642  
McEver, Brittany School Psychologist 253-571-7640  
Klein, Sarah Chief Custodian 253-571-7635  
Remy, Nicole LRC 253-571-7641  
Veit, Madison 5th Grade 253-571-7659