Continuous Achievement Plan

The Continuous Achievement Plan & Process (CAP) is a systemic approach to effectively meet and exceed the Tacoma Public School’s four strategic plan goals and 36 benchmarks. The strategic plan serves as the foundation of the CAP and is a continuous process that compels all district stakeholders to identify and eliminate student achievement gaps across the system.

The aligned process is designed for every school and district department. The Continuous Achievement Planning Process (CAP) includes:

  • A Continuous Achievement Plan (CAP) which includes six specific action plans; Leadership, Academic Excellence, Safety, Partnerships, Early Learning (elem only), Social/Emotional (elem only) developed quarterly by schools and departments;
  • Deliberate unpacking and examination of student data to drive the development of laser focused, standards-based action steps;
  • The leaders vision, systems, and actions that will ensure continuous improvement;
  • A schedule of quarterly school and department data check-ins to monitor and adjust action plans;
  • School visits to monitor, support and provide differentiated feedback on buildings’ action plans and student data;
  • Deliberate alignment of district departments’ work to the building CAPs.